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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2013 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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first and then exhibitioner. >> how long will it take for the staff to establish the minimum participation levels for the san francisco certified lo kale businesses and to establish a required minimum for project work hours. >> i believe delegate lee has proposed a question on how long it would take to come up with the requirements, and as stated in policy, it would be april 3. >> first i wanna thank everyone
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who came tonight and spoke. all of our staff, our community partners, our labor partners had so much to do to get it to where we are now, but as was reflected in the [inaudible] tonight we have a long way left to go. this is really the first step where we put forward what our vision is, what our values are, then a policy is created by our staff, and then as has been said, this has to be negotiated, this has to be done in partnership with our labor partners, with the building trades council and there's no other way for this to be done so -- and in terms of the way we view this, putting all of this down and putting in in a pla is a way we hold ourselves accountable for having a bond program that reflects or values, that provides opportunities to the residents of this city who
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voted, who are paying for it and are making sure they have the opportunities that come as a result, but making sure we hold ourselves accountable so our students have the pathways to have these jobs. the reason why we're doing this is out of the respect and reverence for the work that our building trades workers do and to hold ourselves accountable that we provide the training that that actually happens. i wanna thank for everyone the work that's been done, our general council, some questions and comments have come up around the /hre -- legality of this. i'm an attorney as well, i've spent a lot of time with don, not that that's anything special. that means -- that could be a negative thing. but
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we've looked a lot, not just at what the city's done, but many other school districts are doing this. lausd is doing this, oakland unified is doing this. so there's a lot of models we can look to, but we need to make sure that we model ours on theirs because you don't wanna have two very large, but completely unaligned local hire programs. so i'm glad we put that amendment in there, but again, we're looking at this very closely in terms of not just whether it's legal, which obviously it's a starting point, but anything that needs to be done needs to be done in partnership with our labor partners and our community partners so we're looking forward to again the rest of process which, as i said, is
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just beginning. >> i believe council has a suggestion on commissioner mendoza's request. >> i would just create another bullet and it would include the following language. include a robust an comprehensive internship program slash pathway for district students within the project labor agreement. i'll read it one more time. include a robust and comprehensive internship program slash pathway for district students within the project labor agreement. >> thank you council. >> were you moving that? can i hear a second? is there any objections? seeing none, we're gonna go ahead and incorporate that amendment as well.
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commissioner [inaudible], did you wanna make a comment. i'm sorry. >> thank you president norton. so again, and i think everyone has reiterated this multiple times and in different ways, but i'll say it again so everybody understands that this is just not a yes or a no for our policy, but this is directing the staff to help us get there, right? so as we help the staff to help us get to the place where we say yes, we have a comprehensive local hire language within our project labor agreement, there are going to be many more conversations. and commissioner mendoza isn't in the room at the moment, but i would like to advocate for --
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and i hope the authors would think that this is appropriate -- very similarly to how the [inaudible] course requirement conversation [inaudible] crime /hrupl committee meeting -- that this informational agenda [inaudible] conversation isn't going anywhere and we need regular updates and people need to know that there is a space here where you can have conversation and hear what the board is discussing so it's not a mystery and all of a sudden you have to come to a regular board meeting and you hear a presentation. really those happen at the committee level and knowing that the -- it would be a regular agenda item really does help make it clear that we're not trying to divert the public away from the conferring, but actually trying to encourage that conversation in a place for you to know that it's going to happen so i would
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like to make that suggestion first and fire most that it is a regular agenda item until we get to a place where we get to a vote and it's sent to the regular board for a vote. and the other thing i really want to put forward, which is again, what i've always been talking about is to make certain that we really figure out a structure that is very inclusive and inclusive for community and labor and all of the folks that have worked for sfusd on contracts to bring the history and what they know around internships and hiring and practices in san francisco which are relevant to this discussion with folks who are out of work because folks who have been working may not remember what it's like to be out of work for quite some time and it is not a mystery all
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over san francisco because there are many folks still out of work and i think that inclusive conversation, not threat, not accusation, but conversation will lend itself to a really clear project labor agreement that serves all of san francisco and all of the contractors who wanna do work with the san francisco unified school district. i can't /waeutd for that to happen. and somehow whatever fraction of the bodies that are supposed to be [inaudible] conversation are either putting on blinders or must have /-lg their ears and it's not an inclusive conversation so that means we have to leave our egos at the door and that's everybody. mine included. and we have to leave those at the door to be
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able to come to the table for a comprehensive conversation so we can move forward. there's still shenanigans, there's still all kind of things going not right with this process and that doesn't make any sense. we want a pla that is amazing and that serves ultimately /al -- all our kids. they wanna be in those schools, and families wanna come and make those the community hubs and those are built by people who know how to do it. but again, i can't help but advocate over and over again for a more inclusive conversation. leave the egos at the door, 'cause we will not get there with the fighting, the accusations, the threats. that's not the way to go. and
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i hope that the leaders in the policy here and in the resolution can continue to reiterate that with the conversations you have with all sides because you're leading this discussion. i participate as a commissioner and i participate as a san francisco citizen and i also participate as the kid who grew up labor. that's all my family has ever been about. that's what has brought opportunities and helped us move along. we moved into a two story home. that was labor. that's union strength. so i cannot express it enough and i'll say it in side bar conversations everywhere. please check the ego at the door to come to the conversation to get down to work so all the things we wanna
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do here and for our students and families that wanna visit the schools here in san francisco. i'll get off my soap box. >> thank you. i think that's a very good suggestion that we have regular updates on this. thank you. so i just wanna address some of the issues. i think the issue of an oversight person has come up and so for the person that was on the bond committee, i just wanna say that you know we are paying out of our 2006 that we are already spending money on prevailing wage because in our pla we say that we will pay
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prevailing wage and so we had to have someone to monitor that, that person is being paid out of that 2006 bond money. so we're kind of already doing that with our last pla and i just wanna say i hope my commissioners i agree [inaudible] pla, i think pla's a great thing and i think i understand that every trade signs on to the pla and every trade has an opportunity not to sign on. so we're not excluding anybody because laborers 261 is not part of the council so we wanna make sure they're at the table too. so i wanna thank supervisor yee for bringing this forward and for supervisor haney signing on
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after supervisor [inaudible] left and i'm really glad to hear about [inaudible] and she won a great contract there just re/sepbtdly. i was a past member of local two and was on the picket line for six weeks and i was a cocktail waitress so i know the power of labor. so that leads us today in this vote. we as a public entity leave a much higher calling and responsibility to set the standard of what san francisco should be like. i'm a fourth generation san francisco citizen. it is our responsibility to use whatever resources we have to help the students and families of san francisco so when i hear opposition about local hire or i hear people telling me they don't want local hire, i don't understand it. we are not
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asking for 100 percent local hire, we are asking for a minimum amount. it is not even majority. it is that minimum amount for local hire for san francisco residents. we need to open the doors for their students, our students, graduates, your san francisco children, this is what our students want. organized labor sets the standard for wage in this country, we want our students to be part of that. today with this vote i believe we set things in motion for a new day at san francisco unified. we set a higher standard on what we expect our city to be doing for our families and our students. i think we can do better. today if we pass this, it is the first step toward this direction and it is about the students, it's about creating a better pathway for them, a real
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internship to the jobs and i wanna say also i concur with commissioner, i think we should leave all our egos at the door and get down to the business of employing the people of san francisco. i think we should get down to providing a real internship for our students and i'm gonna kick open that door for our students sew they have jobbings here in san francisco because our students are san francisco residents. so we have a higher standard and higher calling because we set the example for all those businesses who want to come and do business here in san francisco. the word needs to be loud and clear, if you do business here in san francisco, you have to remember our san francisco residents and you have to remember our san francisco labor organizations. that is just how it works. so i look forward to hearing the
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policy, i look forward tonight for this vote passing, that with can finally direct staff, get it out of committee, get it out of the board, get it in the hands of staff to create something that is simply wonderful for the residents of san francisco and for the students of the san francisco unified school district. i ask you to vote for this and join me in this new day. this is a new direction. the direction we set in 2008 for the pla. this is the next step. so commissioners i ask you to vote in favor of this and join me in entering a new era in san francisco hiring. thank you very much. >> thank you. i feel like i
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shouldn't even follow you. i just wanna say i appreciate the concerns that commissioner wynn's brought up, there are some important questions about what this policy looks like, and as everyone has talked about before, this is a request to create a policy that aligns with the aspirations of the board. so this does a really good job of laying out noble as -- aspirations. so there is a lot of work yet to be done. i fully expect that we'll get a lot more staff analysis about the trade offs of all these things we wanna do, both financial and otherwise so this very much doesn't feel like the policy itself or the road itself. this is simply the blueprint for where we wanna go, the framework for where we
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wanna go and that, i'm very supportive so i wanna thank my colleagues for their work on this. this has been a long time coming back to -- you know, we've been talking about this be for seven or eight or nine months, maybe longer. so i'm really pleased to be going on to the next step. i see that you have joined us again commissioner mendoza. do you have any fine -- final comments? >> i think we're on the right path and this is something we should be doing. we have a tremendous amount of work in the district and we wanna make sure it's done right and that we're thinking about the city at large and i think that this could get us there and i wanna thank the authors and
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supervisor yee. >> thank you, roll call please. >> miss lee, miss wong, miss fewer, mr. haney, miss [inaudible], miss mendoza, miss wynn, misnorton. six i's. >> i know there are probably a lot of people anxious to leave the room now. as you exit we will be continuing with our meeting. we are moving on to item g -- i mean, item j, request to speak regarding general matters. as i reminded the audience earlier, the cards that i have now, as i've called this item and the people who
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signed up to speak before today are the people who will speak. i am going to call your name. as i call your name, please ryan -- line up at the podium. you will have -- on the -- i believe most of the speakers are here because of the non reelect matter and teacher hey offs -- lay offs, so i'm going to allow a total of 20 minutes for this item so individual speakers will not have time to remark, but when the timer goes off at 20 minutes i will close public comment at that time.
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[inaudible] you will not be individually timed, but you will only have 20 minutes total. >> my name is lenny
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[inaudible]. as a fellow teacher i have seen her tirelessly and patiently work with her students, especially the neediest ones, searching for ways to get them engaged in the lessons and get them integrated in the class community. she would not give up on anyone. i have also seen the [inaudible] papers and other materials hanging on her walls revealing how she breaks down high order literacy and math skills in instructional chunks so they can be accessed by all of her diverse students from the most challenged to the most advanced. this hard work has not come without cost for
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tina [inaudible]. i have seen her work almost everyday of the week until 8:00 pm. and then come back to our school on saturdays. saturdays have virtual hi become work days for her. so you see a non reelection which will bar her from working, but also from the rest of the district schools is simply incomprehensible, but arbitrary. it is unjust, not only to tina, but to our students because i am convinced that teachers of her caliber and qualities are the kind that all of our students need and deserve in our district. thank you.
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>> i have one of those heavenly spots that kids love to be in and i'm so [inaudible]. i'm here on behalf of one of the parents who came to me this morning who asked me to speak for her. deer miss norton and the san francisco school board members. i am writing in regards to my daughter's fourth grade teacher. it has been brought to my attention that her position is in jeopardy, as is her position with the san francisco unified school district. i am involved parent volunteering at school as often as able. being self employed i have the flexibility to be in the classroom once or twice a week so i am able to monitor the education my children have been receiving. when sitting in her class i notice how she
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engages students. she is energetic and [inaudible]. these qualities we should look for in all educational professionals. it is unclear to me why someone of her ability will not be reelected to teach next year. she's the kind of teacher that students will remember when they look back at their education. please reconsider this decision as i am looking forward to having my son in her class. it is teachers like her that restore faith in the public school system. most sincerely, glenda [inaudible]. >> good evening
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president norton and commissioners and everyone. [inaudible]. i hope i said that right. my name is christina [inaudible]. i am one of the non reelected teachers. i teach fourth grade at [inaudible] elementary. i'm here for two things. one is to introduce myself and the second is to ask you to help our community come up with a solution to this situation. i will call it in the most neutral /serpl situation. i humbly and respectfully bring before you 15 years of service in san francisco classrooms with a special education professional working with inclusion children from k to 5 across the board. i also a bringing my experience as a parent and community advocate here of my children who are [inaudible]. they attended
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filipino education center [inaudible] and my daughter went to lowell high school and my son attended [inaudible] school of the arts high school. we always have /taubgt our kids that when they argue for something, it's to back up what they say with evidence. and i bring to you this kind of evidence here. i bring 15 years of experience in the classroom. this is one strong evidence. the second i bring is my highly satisfactory evaluation from my first year of teaching and my recent evaluation which is on overall [inaudible] that is my evidence. and the third piece of evidence i bring to the board here is the people who have come here to support not only me as a community member -- thank you -- that is their
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testimonial to my fitness as a teacher and i will just quote my daughter has posted. i'm sorry, but situation in the advent of social media it's out there. it's across the uc system. we can't really stop the kids from expressing themselves and this is what she said. if i may just read part of it. my mom is the best teacher i know. sameless bias. even though this is just her second year with her certification, they provide no reasoning for her teaching style for her unjustified non reelection. a few weeks back at my school we had a workshop on restorative practices. it's based on principals that [inaudible] central to building community and involves processes that prepare relationships when harm has
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occurred. my community's here not from my own initiative, but because they perceive that harm has occurred here so they're here to really come to the board and ask you how are we going to address this harm, how are we going to [inaudible] build community and restore relationship so i ask before you the question is how are we going to address the harm done here? it's not just to me, but the community and other persons of color who continue to serve the district loyally and continue to serve the district and its children with sin /saeurty. sincerity. how are we going to address the harm here? thank you and goods night. >> good evening. [inaudible] we have